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Our Cotons, June 2004  

Introduction to Carolina Coton's Dogs

Our dogs are health tested yearly to ensure they do not pass any unwanted characteristics to their offspring. Puppies are either registered with the Coton breed club, USACTC, the UKC, or the AKC's FSS registry for rare breed dogs. (To see our dogs' photos on the AKC's site click here.) Buyers will be given litter registration papers for one of these organizations after I receive a spay or neuter certificate from your vet. After registration, your puppy's certified pedigree will be mailed to you from them. I will not post our dogs' pedigrees online, but they are available for review upon request. For referral letters, click here.



Bogey 2004  

Cash is Nice of Tara, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AXJ aka Bogey

Bogey's sire is Ch. Preferred Stock of Tara, IABAC National and International, Mexican, World Junior, and American Junior Champion, and 1999 World Champion. His dam is Ch. Sweet N Low of Tara, CH. ARBA, USACTC, IABAC and SKC National and International. A best in show winner.

The best adjective to describe Bogey is "handsome." He is truly a good-looking Coton. Bo likes to stick close to me and is my constant shadow. He is very vocal often making throaty noises to express his contentment. Bo loves his family and frequently waits at the door when someone is away.



Bebe 2004  

Cotonbrie Tres Jolie Bébé,
NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AKJ, NJC aka Bébé

Bèbè's sire is RokandRoll of Woodland Cottage. He is a 28-time champion, including international and world champion. Her dam is Sprightly Fellows Hip Hip Hurray, the daughter of multi-world champion Rifelin Julius Caesar.

You can tell right away when looking at Bèbè that she is a girl. She has huge round black eyes and a lustrous coat. But, don't let her fool you, she's not a girly-girl. Bèbè is very athletic and very competitive. She excels in agility and is muscular in build. Bèbè's loves to give face-covering kisses.


Katy 2004  

Cowboy's Gold Rush Kate aka Katey

Katey's sire is USACTC ARBA Ch. Bar-Ken's Happy Go Lucky who quite possibly holds more titles in the U.S. in agility, obedience, and conformation than any other Coton. Her dam is IABCA Ch. Rock-A-Bye's Chyna Pearl.

Katey is cuddly, and loves to snuggle in a warm lap. Any lap will do as she does not know a stranger. She is always a hit with our guests, and is frequently whisked away by visitors to our house as she loves to snuggle. She tends to have a precocious nature though, and if something is amiss in the house, it's usually Katey at the bottom of it. See the agility page for more exciting news about Kate.



Rayce of Carolina Cotons

Rayce is our first tri-colored Coton. He was almost solid black and white at birth, but by about nine-months of age his tri-coloring faded to nearly solid white, apart from the tips of his ears. Rayce's lineage comes from the kennels of Cotonbrie and Lake Jem. He is truly a wonderful dog, and I have been told numerous times that he would do phenomenally well showing in conformation. But alas, my forte is in agility and I do not wish to compete in two venues.

Rayce is my "lover boy," and is very affectionate. He is also the best-behaved dog of our gang, and seldom if ever gets in to trouble, if he does falter, he's always quick to give an apologetic kiss.



Charlotte, 3.5 months  

Cotonbrie Crystal Ice aka Charlotte

Not to worry she's not always this sandy! Charlotte is typically our "pretty girl," but was caught on film being a typical Coton, enjoying the outdoors. She also adores playing with our Jesse, a Great Pyrenees, and we frequently find her with either her whole head in his mouth, or she is hanging off of his beard. Thank goodness Jesse loves her too, else she would be a bite-sized snack! Charlotte retired from breeding in 2009.

Charlotte's sire is Multi champion Cotonbrie Tarzan, who is an Italian, French, and Brazilian champion in addition to a world and national champ. Her mother is Sprightly Fellows Hip Hip Hurray, making Charlotte a half sister to our Bèbè.



Run Lola Run of Tara

Lola is our college girl who "attended" Virginia Tech with our daughter Brienne who graduated this year. Lola enjoyed her college career and was frequently found donning Tech apparel and hiking the mountains of Virginia, and then napping on her custom-made Hokie bed. Lola even has her own Facebook fan club of Hokie acquaintances. Lola is back at home with us on the farm while "Mom" is working overseas in 2009-2010.

Lola's dam is CH. Honeysuckle Mist of TARA, CH. IABAC National International. Her sire is Ch. Tara's Lancelot Du Lac of Woodland Cottage also an IABAC National and International Champion.



Cotonbrie Agatha Cristie, aka Sophie

Sophie loves to roam around our farm, dig in the stream, meander through our acreage, and she is thoroughly a "tom-girl" but also loves to snuggle. Sophie bred with our Bogey in 2008 and delivered a litter of the most beautiful tri-colored pups that we have ever seen. We were surprised by this as Sophie is all white herself but for the tip of one ear, and the father is an all-white male. Soph is due to deliver a litter in July fathered by our tri-male and we expect a lot of color in these pups.

Sophie's father is Bar-ken's Cowboy Tango who is an Italian champion. Her mother is Cotonbrie Otis who is now retired.



Cotonbrie Be in Love with Me, aka Pippa

Pippa is a beautiful tri-colored Coton who lives with our daughter, Kendra, and her family. Pippa can best be described as a "good girl," who is eager to please and always minds her manners. Pippa has a beautiful and thick coat, and is very small in size. She is affectionate and playful and totally devoted to her little master, our grand daughter, Ella.

Pippa's pedigree is outstanding, her sire is Multi. Ch. Cotonbrie Vercingetorige. Among his numerous titles, he has two World Championship titles, Best of breed 2008 at the World Dog Show, and Best in Show and Breed at the 2007 Crufts show in England. Pippa's mother, Wonderful, is also a Vice Jr. World Champion.


Our Gang of 5  

Most of The Gang Ready for a Ride!

From left to right in the photo is Bèbè, Katey, our puppy Charlotte, and Bogey. Jesse is our Great Pyrenees pictured in the center. He's still a puppy! Pyrs. are bred to guard herds of animals, and it is his his job to protect his little Coton "flock." Click here then go to "Photo Album" for more pictures of our gang.

We own three outdoor cats, Frankie who is fourteen, and our new additions from Solutions for Animals, Jada and Chevy. The cats get along very well with the dogs. We lost a 15-year-old cat this year, Domino, who will be forever missed.

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