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Williams "girls"

Brienne, Cory, Kendra, and Ella Grace 2008

My name is Cory Williams. My husband, John, and I live near Pinehurst, North Carolina (Moore county) with our eight Cotons, a Great Pyrenees, and two cats. We also have an older daughter, Kendra, who lives nearby with her husband, Tim, and our grand daughters, Ella and Anna. Our youngest daughter is currently living in Colorado.

John and I are originally from Ohio, although we have lived all over the United States. We moved to North Carolina in 1996 after falling in love with the area. It is now our permanent home.

John is a real estate broker and I am his assistant, and also a free-lance writer. This allows me to work from our home most of the time and care for our family and pets. I also work part-time caring for elderly Alzheimer patients.


The Perfect Dog: How it all started

Cory and Bo 2002  

In early 2000, I first learned about the Coton de Tulear breed of dogs. We were looking for a puppy and I wanted to own the perfect dog for our family. So, I entered those keywords, "the perfect dog," in my computer browser and ended up on someone's Coton web site. It was there that I met and fell in love with the Coton.

After about three months of perusing the web for a reputable breeder, we paid a deposit for a show quality male. My family and I settled in for what turned out to be a long wait. It was a full year later that we brought home our male, Bogey. While waiting for Bo, I educated myself by reading everything I could about the breed including health issues, showing dogs, the standard for the breed, anything else I could find published by the many different Coton breed clubs.

Cory and Bo 2002, Our First Coton

We were enamored with Bogey from the start and subsequently added five female Cotons and another male to our family. Some of who are retired now. They came from the top European and American kennels. All of my research resulted in us owning fabulous foundation dogs for our kennel. Dogs who not only met breed standards for the Coton but excel in their temperament, intelligence, and abound with the wonderful characteristics that make a Coton "the perfect dog." In fact, we were honored recently to have our dogs' photos featured on the AKC's web site representing the standard for the breed. Click here to see the photos.

Being a dog breeder is the perfect job for me as an animal lover. But, it is a job I don't take lightly. I postponed our first litter until I felt I was educated enough to bring healthy well-adjusted pups in to the world. My dream is to not only improve the breed, but to place our puppies in homes where their new owners can experience all of the joy that we have owning this special and unique breed. We whelped our first litter in 2005. And, in 2005-2008 both of our daughters under my guidance purchased a Coton female for companionship and to breed, as well as my best-friend Liz, who I co-won two females with. As of 2010 our cooperative endeavors have blessed us with nearly 50 wonderful puppies. We have only ever had one pup diagnosed with a congenital defect, and that was detected before he left our home. We personally paid for his medical expenses, and he is a normal young-adult now.

We have truly been blessed by our buyers as well, many of whom have purchased multiple puppies from us, and all of who end up being our friends. Some I speak to on a weekly basis, and board their Cotons for them, and share in the lives of their families and dogs, usually via email, visit back to Carolina Cotons, and Facebook pages.

Our mother dogs are well cared for, and whelp litters only about once every thirteen months and not before they are two years or older and have passed health testing. The girls retire from breeding at age six or seven to live their lives out as valued members of our family. They are primarily our pets and their health and well being are met first and foremost. All of our puppies are raised inside our home, and we welcome visitors.

We are avid animal lovers, and in addition to our Cotons we frequently rescue dogs of any breed, and cats in need of help. To date I have personally taken in nine displaced Cotons bred by other breeders, paid their vet expenses, worked tirelessly to train and fix behavioral problems, and placed all of them in wonderful homes. A good bit of the profit from our puppies goes towards our rescue endeavors. Most of the rest goes towards maintaining our own Cotons, my agility expenses, and feeding all of our animals, including our Great Pyr. a raw diet made from fresh foods. In short, all of our dogs live, eat, and sleep with us in our home, stay with us when they retire, and are part of our family. We are not a functioning kennel nor breed on a large scale, and so there frequently is a waiting list for our puppies.

Our web site is designed to introduce our dogs, and the Coton de Tulear breed to you. Please feel free to ask us questions, we love to chat Cotons. For safety reasons, I do not publish my phone number on this site, but if you wish to speak to me, or arrange a home visit, please send email.











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